interns/teacher residency

Interns and Teacher Residency in Vienna.

Vienna is glad to welcome one social work intern and two teachers in their residency this semester.

Reagan Johnson is currently pursuing her master’s degree in social work through the University of Kentucky (UK) and will be serving on the student support services team for her internship at Vienna. Ms. Johnson is a graduate of Vienna High School and also earned two associate degrees from Shawnee Community College while in high school, all with honors. She then graduated from Murray State University with a bachelor's degree in social work and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Johnson said, "I am very excited and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to intern and work at the same high school that I attended. I look forward to working with students to help them reach their goals and get on the path to success. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!"

Jacob Rice is pursuing a master’s of arts in teaching at Southern Illinois University (SIU-C) in order to become a high school science teacher. He currently is in the teacher residency program under Mr. Peter Gresk at Vienna High School. Rice holds a bachelor's degree, also from SIU-C, in biomedical science with a minor in psychology. Mr. Rice stated, “As I began to work more in the classroom with Mr. Gresk, I began to understand what it means to be an Eagle. There is more to learn than simply giving students information and hoping they retain it. Every day I enjoy coming to Vienna and learning more about what it means to have an impact on my students, my school, and my new community.”

Elijah Haar is currently pursuing his master’s degree at SIU-C with a focus on becoming a high school science teacher. Elijah grew up in Anna, Illinois. He has roots in Southern Illinois and is committed to the educational growth of its youth. Education runs in his family, and he draws inspiration from the numerous dedicated educators who have ignited his passion for teaching. Elijah said, “My goal is to make a positive impact on students, both within the classroom and in their broader lives. I am deeply enthusiastic about science, sports, outdoor adventures, and nutrition, all of which I believe can enrich the lives of our students.”