Vienna High School School buses

Vienna High School receives $600K grant for electric school bus...

A wise person once said, “Once you become a bus driver, all your problems are behind you.” For Vienna High School bus drivers and students, riding the bus is about to become a high-tech experience! Phillip Hosfeldt, Dean of System Programs, was part of a coalition of twenty schools that won a grant through the Department of Energy together. Providing Vienna $655,000 to purchase an electric school bus, a storage battery, and a solar microgrid to supply renewable energy to power and charge the bus.

Dean of Instruction Rebeca Guest stated, “Our job is to teach students, and part of that is teaching them to be good stewards of the environment. I think we are responsible for taking care of our planet, not just for us but for future generations.” By recognizing the shift to clean and renewable energy, the high school hopes to show its students that their future could include jobs in renewable energy.

When asked about the grant, Mr. Hosfeldt said, “It is a privilege to be a part of the Bus2Grid Coalition and the work we are doing to accelerate our school systems into the 21st century. This electric school bus infrastructure will drive VHS and our buses for years to come."

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