music and theatre students pictured on stage in matching

This spring, dean of system programs Phillip Hosfeldt secured an Arts and Foreign Language Education Implementation Grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency for $96,000.

Music/theater instructors John Windings and Connor Windings have worked to grow the music and theatre programs in the Vienna system. From band to choir to musical theatre, both Windings have built successful programs that do multiple productions per year. Under their direction, the programs are growing.

Funds from the grant are being used to purchase risers for the band and choir, audiovisual equipment, microphones, and pay for personnel costs. Additionally, funds from this grant were also used to send Band and Theatre students to the National Beta Convention to demonstrate their talents and pay for hotel accommodations and travel expenses.

Hosfeldt said, “As a past member of the band, choir, and theater programs of Vienna High School, it makes me incredibly proud to see the revival of these programs. This grant is the next step in taking our fine arts programs to the next level. We are grateful for the team effort of Mr. John Windings and Mr. Connor Windings for their work on our music program and look forward with anticipation to seeing our program continue to grow."

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